Mrs. Ramona Muntean

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    Mrs. Ramona Muntean

Working at ISDC, current position of Measurements & Best Practices.

With an experience of over 16 years in software companies, I have worked in various positions from Office Management to HR Management and lately in the Continuous Improvement program of ISDC with focus on Measurements and Best practices.


In 2012 I have been directly involved in defining the Measurements and Analysis Process in ISDC and later on in implementing it, from two different approaches:

  • top-down approach targeting company measurements and
  • bottom up approach targeting project quality related measurements.

The challenge during the implementation was to couple those two approaches in a way that allowed us to extract and aggregate the projects’ metrics and to use them in ISDC’s Quality selling approach. Part of the measurements related activities include also coordination of FPA program in ISDC.


I am also involved in various teams such as Process Improvement Team, ISDC Defined Agile Model Team and I’m the product owner of an internal developed application.

In my day-to-day activities I interact a lot with project teams and use these opportunities to identify best practices, extract lessons learnt and support the improvement process in the teams and further on at corporate level;