Clifford Shelley

Consulting Software Engineer with Oxford Software Engineering, happy helping investigate and fix problems, sharing good practice, and learning more about how we make software. Currently chair of British Computer Society SPIN SG and member of UK Software Metrics Association committee. And an ‘officially’ lapsed, but enthusiastic Scrum Master.

Previously (and still, from time to time) a programmer. Has worked in atomic energy and power industries. Later a software engineer and quality engineer with Hewlett Packard then Racal Electronics. I believe we were the first users of CMM outside US – at Racal in 1989. (Actually it was CMU/SEI-87-TR-23.)

Before that a geophysicist with the British Antarctic Survey and high energy astrophysics research.

Specialties: Software and software process engineering,
Software measurement and analytics,
Technology transfer and transformation,
and trainer and speaker.